Thank you, I find this product invaluable. My daughter has sensitive skin and the area we live in has a lot of mosquito problems. She was constantly suffering from mosquito bite scratches and with itchy skin she was unable to get a good sleep. She always feels tired in the morning and unhappy. After installing the 'venetz' product  she was able to sleep peacefully without mosquito bites and feels happy/energetic during the day. As a parent we are so delighted to see her happiness. I have no hesitation in recommending 'venetz' to family and friends. Prompt & efficient service. I received my order timeously and items were exactly as described. Price was really competitive and by the way, your packing of the item ordered was exceptional. keep up the good work.
Real good materials at affordable prices makes this a really amazing proposition. The nets are durable and provide adequate safety against mosquitoes and also allow free flow of air, avoiding the need to use chemicals to keep mosquitoes and other insects away. I would definitely suggest this to anyone in my circle and would also encourage others also to try this out.Thank you!
Firstly, Thanks for creativity in providing such a wonderful user friendly product. Recently brought bed nets for my parents and that really helps them to sleep peacefully with out bothering about mosquitoes. Looking forward to more such products from you which makes things simple.
I would like to send a word of appreciation of your new product Mosquito Net with Frames. I have been living in a top raise (7th floor) for a long time hence mosquito was never a problem. I have recently moved to an individual home and underestimated the problem with mosquitos. After a couple of days everyone in my family ended up with bug bites, it was particularly harsh on my 2 year old daughter. We did not want to create a permanent structure for hanging the mosquito net in our bedrooms for a number of reasons, this is when I landed upon your product. I was pleasantly surprised when I received the product, it was very easy to install and if required it takes only about 2 minutes to dismantle it allowing the kids to jump around. More importantly the product has been a life saviour in protecting my entire family from mosquito bites. Thank you... 
To start of I need to thank the manufacturers  & sellers who has done an amazing task to bring this  product out to market for commercial use.  The mosquito nets are of good quality and fits the purpose. Easy to fix on the house windows and doors without  much husslle . Quality is amazing and protect us from the mosquitoes especially during the evening and night hours. So thankful for this product existing.
I live in Chennai and found this product online when searching for mosquito nets for my parents. They live in an industrial area in India which has a lot of issues related to mosquitoes. They tried many products earlier and were not satisfied. I thought of giving this a go and bought one and sent it to my parents. My mum called and said it's one of the best gifts I gave to her. They are sleeping peacefully without mosquito bites now. My initial concerns with product & packaging of a purchase, was dealt with immediately & thoroughly. Overall, awesome product, excellent customer service, quick order process and speedy delivery. Cannot recommend Venetz enough!
I can't believe how effective this product is! My kid has an allergy to mosquito bites and did not have a peaceful sleep for many days Wish I had known about this Venetz product before. Awesome product!  You gotta try it - definitely a product that every family will like it
I really want to say you all that after viewing the site of VENETZ they have clearly addressed the pain point of the customer by selling the appropriate frames for the net as well, which I think is a tremendous initiative by them. When I tried to have a structure for my bed, I received a quote as a 2x from the frames that Venetz have quoted which is really economical. Also the purpose of having a disturb less sleep is something that we have never experienced all these years. Overall in my opinion, taking a Health Insurance for our family is a protective measure, using VENETZ is a preventive measure. I will highly recommend this product to everyone for sure…. Thanks Venetz once again…..