Buy Online the most durable Mosquito net for double cot bed with stand for a peaceful sleep at an economical cost. The readymade mosquito net for double cot bed comes with both Protective Mosquito net and Ready to install Mosquito net frame stand.

Features of Venetz Mosquito net for double bed with stand :

  • Highly Durable Double cot Msoquito net which can last up to 10 years
  • Mosquito net is Flame Resistant
  • Easy Machine Washable Mosquito net
  • Mosquito net made from recyclable materials
  • Smooth Finish
  • 6 color options

Specification of Mosquito net for double cot bed with stand

  • W 4 Feet, H 6.5 Feet, L 5 Feet

  • Comes with a carry bag

  • Proper airflow ventilation without interruption

  • Mosquito net made to fit double cot beds structure exactly

Technical Details of mosquito net for double bed with stand :
  • Made from Polyethylene
  • One bed net will last upto 10 years of time
  • Non tearable Mosquito net
Why to use Bed Nets:
  • Peaceful Sleep
  • Immune Booster on Disturb less sleep
  • Warmth Feeling inside
  • Ideal Temperature maintained within the mosquito net
  • Investing 10 paise per day for Family's Health and peaceful sleep
  • Undisturbed Sleep improves Kids rational thinking
  • Buying a bed net for double cot is a priceless investment for your Elderly and KidS Health

1. Dump out any standing water close to your home.

Mosquitoes can raise in only 14 days with a brief measure of water in an old window box, a downpour drain, or a water basin. On the off chance that you do have a lake, add some mosquito-eating fish like guppies, minnows, or mosquito fish, add a cascade or wellspring to keep the water moving, or treat it's anything but a characteristic microscopic organism. The microbes kill mosquito hatchlings, yet are innocuous to individuals, plants, and pets.

2. Keep mosquitoes outside.

Use screens on the windows or cooling to keep mosquitoes from sneaking in a window. Or then again on the off chance that you don't have screens, consider getting a fine mosquito net to loom over your bed or den. Some mosquito nets, similar to the Pramex brand, are treated with a period discharge insect spray, making them ideal for a setting up camp excursion.

3. Use mosquito repellent.

The best substance anti-agents contain DEET, picaridin, PMD, or IR3535 insect poison, which are completely viewed as protected when utilized as coordinated, says Natasha Bhuyan, an MD in Phoenix. The CDC says they're alright for pregnant and nursing ladies, just as infants more than 2 months, however, you need lower centralizations of DEET for kids. The Environmental Working Group records picaridin and IR3535 as its top decisions for repelling mosquitoes. Simply look out for skin aggravation and try not to shower synthetic substances around the eyes or mouth. Jonathan Day, a mosquito specialist at the University of Florida, says to focus the repellant on your lower legs, feet, lower legs, and wrists 


Double bed mosquito nets with ready to install frame ensure comfort and good sleep for you and your loved ones with no worry of mosquito bites. The combo of both Mosquito net and ready to install stand comes in a multiples of feet in size made for a double bed. Durable Mosquito net for double bed allows free movement of air through the net to allow easy breathing.

Protection from Mosquito-Borne Diseases

These dangerous mosquito-borne diseases caused by mosquito bites could make you really weak with constant vomiting, high body temperature, severe headache, skin rash, and major muscle pains, etc. In the worst of cases, patients often have to be hospitalized because of a terribly low platelet count, dangerously low blood pressure, and even death in case of malaria. Better safe than sorry, royal brings to you this mosquito net that shields you from virus-carrying mosquitoes by blocking them out.