Product Details:

  • Highly Durable last upto 10 years
  • Flame Resistent
  • Easy Machine Washable
  • Recycleable
  • Smooth Finish
  • 6 color options
Technical Details:
  • Made from Polyethylene
  • One net will last upto 10 years of time
  • Non tearable
Why to use Bed Nets:
  • Peaceful Sleep
  • Immune Booster on Disturbless sleep
  • Warmth Feeling inside
  • Ideal Temperature set inside the net
  • Investing 10 paise per day for Family's Health
  • Undisturbed Sleep improves Kids rational thinking
  • Buying a net is an priceless investment for your Elderly and KiDS Health

Mosquito nets go about as an actual boundary keeping mosquitoes from getting to your resting region. The super-fine polyester network netting keeps small creepy crawlies from entering. All Pyramid mosquito nets highlight 300 openings for every square inch, which is almost twofold the sum suggested by The World Health Organization (WHO).


Treated mosquito nets are significantly more compelling at forestalling Malaria than untreated nets. Already it was said that untreated nets just give about a portion of the security of nets treated with bug spray (1). Educator Janet Hemingway from The Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine as of late expressed on The Life Scientific radio program: "an untreated net gives you just 10% of the assurance of a treated one" (2). Our mosquito nets are treated with amazing Zi Technology, a dependable insecticidal treatment that consolidates Permethrin with a special restricting specialist. Permethrin has a great security record and has been utilized for quite a long time. It is suggested by WHO as a bug spray for mosquito nets, preventing bugs from gnawing through the net and diminishing the number of bugs in a room. Untreated nets permit mosquitoes to chomp through the net, while mosquitoes are killed in a flash on contact with a treated net.